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Jiffy Pop Popper

This is a Big Shot popcorn popper that was made by Peerless Specialty Products that I purchased off of eBay several years ago. It was originally designed for Poppit Fresh, a poorly designed (and poorly tasting) popcorn. I modified it so that it would easily pop a container of Jiffy Pop.

Jiffy Pop was developed by Fred Mennen in LaPorte, Indiana (one county East of Orville Redenbacher). After five years of development, Mennen started selling Jiffy Pop in 1959 and within one year it was being sold all over the United States. For many years Jiffy Pop was manufactured in LaPorte. Jiffy Pop is now owned by ConAgra Foods.

Below you will find some pictures of my modified popper, a video of it in action, and some pictures from an eBay auction that show some original advertising material and what the popper looked like when it was new.

My Jiffy Pop popper:

Jiffy Pop in action

Video of the popper in action:

Original popper and advertising material:

Original Material Original Material

Original Material Original Material